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At Re-Bath, we are the bathroom remodeling experts. You can trust us to help you fix serious bathroom problems or simply update your bathroom with a fresh look. Does your bathtub have mold and mildew you can’t get rid of with cleaning alone? Is your bathroom tile cracking or are there chips in your bathtub? Is your grout dirty and unsightly?  
Dirt Bath Tub
Chipped and Crack Tub
Dirt Showers
Chips and Cracks in Tub or Tile
Shower or Tub Stains
Mold and Mildew
Water leakage or broken tile grout lines
Old, worn out shower and ceramic tile walls
Rust caused by a worn out bathtub surface and fixtures
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Does your bathtub have stains and rust you just can’t get out? For all of these problems and many more, Re-Bath has the solution. We can make your bathroom new again with our collection of custom bathtub and shower base liners, wall surrounds, safety tubs and much more. We also offer tub-to-shower conversions, fiberglass removal and seated shower bases. So, whether you want to update your bathroom so it’s more pleasing to the eye or remodel it so it’s safer for a loved one, Re-Bath has the services you need to quickly and affordably fix your bathroom.
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