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By Re-Bath in Tri-Cities, Washington

Are you tired of your fiberglass wall surrounds?  Are you sick of scrubbing the stains in the bottom of your tub or shower pan?  Has constant re-grouting of your tile or re caulking of your wall surrounds annoyed you like no other?  Re-Bath of Tri Cities, WA is here to help you.  ReBath of Tri-Cities has recently moved in to your territory and is offering FREE In-Home Consultations.  What do we do?  Re-Bath is celebrating its 30th year in the bath remodel industry.  Tri cities rebath will provide you with a free in home consultation and a cost efficient luxurious bath remodel in as little as one day.  ReBath’s color and style selection goes beyond most customers expectations with wall surround styles such as Old World Tuscan, Newport, Subway and Slate to name a few along with 12 top of line colors.  Re Bath of Tri Cities Consultants will visit your home and help you decide what to do with your outdated tubs and showers.  ReBath can reline your bathtub, go over existing tile with our DuraBath SSP wall system product, convert your bathtub into a full size shower; we also offer safety tubs and showers complete with seats and safety grab bars.  Re-Bath respects your home; while we demo your bathroom our installers place carpet runners, tarps and mats over your flooring so we do not disturb your environment.  We leave your newly remodeled bathroom luxurious and cleaner than it was before we came.  After your first shower or bath you are guaranteed to be amazed at the care and maintenance of your Rebath system, no more harsh chemicals and scrubby pads.  Simple soap and water is all that is needed, we provide you with care and maintenance instructions along with a list of approved and non approved cleaners.  ReBath of tricities provides you with a lifetime warranty on your bath remodel.  Give us a call for your FREE In-Home Consultation and say good bye to your dingy outdated bathroom.  509-591-0900 or visit us at

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