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Rebath in TriCities is licensed to do business in Washington, Idaho and Oregon states.  Are you a resident of Pendleton or Hermiston Oregon or immediate surrounding cities?  Is your bathroom tired or all original from the 1970’s?  Re-Bath in Tri-Cities is here to offer Pendleton and Hermiston residents a refreshing remodel for a fraction of the contractor’s average price.  A fraction of the cost does not mean a fraction of the job.  Re-Bath of tri cities provides homeowners in Pendleton and Hermiston a complete remodel without breaking the bank; this complete remodel is also accomplished in as little as one day.  Prior to Re-Baths innovative streamlined remodeling technique, remodels used to require several days for demo and a few more days for installation.  With our innovative technique and lifetime warranty, why say No?  The average household planning a bath remodel with top of line products and glamorous appearance expects to spend up to $15,000 ( National Average) depending on product selection.  ReBath in Tri-cities offers many packages and options at a fraction of the  national average price of $15,000.  Re-Bath in Tri-Cities would like to offer Pendleton and Hermiston residents a FREE in home consultation to homeowners who are in need of a bathroom remodel.  At the time of consultation we require that our customer owns the home, you cannot be a renter; we require that both homeowners present at the time of appointment, and we have determined that you have a need for our services.  At the conclusion of the consultation the project manager will be able to give you a “right down to the penny price,” no low balling here, or raising the contract price like general contractors do.  Residents of Pendleton and Hermiston, please call 1-509-591-0900 to make an appointment for your FREE in home consultation today or visit us at

Bathroom Remodeling in Pendleton and Hermiston

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